Big Island Express Car Wash offers state-of-the-art cleaning technology for a car wash that will leave your ride sparkling!


Kona: 7:00AM to 5:00PM, Mon - Sat,

8:00AM to 5:00PM, Sun (Subject to change)

Hilo: 7:00AM to 5:00PM, Mon - Sat,

8:00AM to 5:00PM, Sun (Subject to change)





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Are the vacuums free if I do not purchase a car wash?

No, the vacuums are NOT FREE for general public use. They are FREE to those who purchase a car wash package.


Do I need to turn off my radio when I go through the tunnel?

Only if your antenna is a retractable one, then yes, you will need to turn off your radio to prevent any damage to the antenna.


Does the car wash allow vehicles with roof racks?

We will retract the top wrap so that it doesn’t touch the rack.


Is there a warranty?

Yes, but WE WARRANTY only factory equipment in good condition until the original manufacturers warranty ends. WE DO NOT WARRANTY wiper blades, moldings, antennas, license plates or covers. Please make sure that your truck bed is completely free and clear of objects and debris, and remove trailer hitches prior to entering the car wash.


What is Fire Bath?

"FIRE" is a special formulation that cleans and protects. Your vehicle is

blanketed with a fiery yellow foam that promotes a deeper clean and

enhanced lubricity. It has a pleasant "Raspberry Inferno" scent.


What is Instant Shine?

"ICE" provides surface protection for all vehicle surfaces. It protects and shines glass,

chrome, plastic trim, and paint, and provides maximum water repellency on glass

for improved visibility. It has a pleasant "Cool Mango" fragrance.


Why do I need to put my car in neutral and not use my brakes?

To allow the wheels to move freely on the conveyor and move your car through the tunnel.  There is a GO light at the end of tunnel which will flash to indicate you may now put your vehicle in drive and proceed to the vacuums.


Will the brushes scratch my car?

Our wraps are a soft foam, not brushes with plastic bristles.





I have a dually truck. Will it fit?

No, so sorry but we are unable to accept a dual wheeled vehicle on our conveyor.


I have a low profile car. Will it fit?

The clearance off the ground is 5 inches to enter the conveyor.


What is the vehicle height clearance of the car wash?

We can take vehicles that are up to  91” in Height. (7-1/2 ft. tall)


What’s the widest my tires can be?

We are able to take vehicles with tires up to 12.5 inches wide with a total width from outside drivers side tire to outside passenger side tire of 85 inches.





“I love the car wash. It’s better than any other car wash I've used before. I love the fire bath when you first pull into the car wash. Lex Brodie’s is my number 1 stop to wash my car and it will always be.”

          Jennifer - 12/28/18


“Friendly, professional, and nice clean car. Love the vacuums.”

          Ellen - 11/20/18


“The staff working today was super polite and friendly and smiley.

I love this car wash!”

          Beverly - 10/28/18


“Very friendly attendants and they did a thorough job of spraying down my truck before entering the automatic wash!”

          April - 6/25/18



          Karen Lindsey - 05/23/18


“The attendants were nice and courteous; the equipment was nice and clean. I could see the actual soap on my car and see that it was being cleaned well. I drove all the way back to Hilo after and got out of my car and it was still so shiny. Hands down the best car wash on the island. Can’t wait to get one on our side!”

          Chris - 01/25/18


"Everyone was nice and helpful. The van came out great. You also get free vacuums. They also have gas and oil changes right there. Great time saver!

         Cara, Kailua Kona -  09/28/2016


"Advanced car wash with nice vacuum station and helpful attendants. I take 3 cars to your wash every week."

          Gunnar, Kailua Kona - 08/31/2016


"Luv the free vac plus the lil extra touches (air freshener and dash wipe), sweet deal."

          Tifani, Kailua Kona - 08/25/2016


"Good service. Pleasant attendant that was very helpful. Good car wash result. Free vacuum after."

          Lucia, Kailua Kona - 08/23/2016


"Since you opened. Glad you now have rewards. Best car wash on the island.”

          Regular Customer, Kailua Kona - 08/20/2016


“Great car wash with nice wheel wash and vacuum stations. The best car wash on Hawaii.”

          New Customer, Kailua Kona - 08/20/2016


“Lex Brodies in Kailua-Kona is the BEST!! Pleasant employees. Service with a smile. Quick service. I always love coming here for my oil change, car wash, and now, GAS!! Aloha!”

          Z Gal, Kailua Kona - 08/09/2016


“Great service! No line at all at 11am, so was in & out fast. Very convenient having the car wash & vacuum right there as well.”

           First Time Customer, Kailua Kona - 07/27/2016


“Visiting Kona for a few months, I happened by your car wash and decided to get my Sebring Convertible washed. Except for a few drops of soap and water that snuck in under my rag top, the experience was quick, easy, and kind of fun. After a few minutes at the free vac, the car looked great, inside and out.”

          Chuck L, Washington DC - 06/25/2016


“This car wash is a dream!!! I absolutely love how squeaky clean my car looks after going through this wash...the tires and rims are clean, the tires look shiny and black, just how I like it, and it gets to all the nooks and crannies on my ‘15 Explorer, so much so that it looks like I hand washed it! I also love that they have a vaccuuming station as well, so that the inside of my car can look like the outside...amazing!! If you haven’t tried out this car wash yet, I highly suggest that you do, you will not be disappointed!!!”

          Chelsea D, Kailua Kona - 04/18/2016


“This Carwash cleans like a handwash!! Thank you again for giving us a free car wash for being #300! I recommend this car wash to everyone I know.”

          Desialee C, Kailua Kona - 02/04/2016


“I won’t lie, I work for this business on the tire side. I have always hesitated going to car washes because of the way the brushes scratches your car. This car wash is so different. They have soft foam wheels that give your vehicle a nice hand-washed shine. You have to try it for yourself!”

          Anita T, Kailua Kona - 02/03/2016

75-5570 Kuakini Highway

Kailua Kona, Hawaii 96740


1089 Kilauea Avenue

Hilo, Hawaii 96720

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